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A Storied Past

Castello di Casole is deeply rooted in the rich agricultural history of Tuscany. The area’s first settlements date back to the Bronze Age, as early as 3000 B.C., when mineral-rich land and the nearby Elsa River made the land inhabitable. Later, Etruscan settlers farmed the land, as indicated by the Etruscan artifacts found on the Castello di Casole Estate. 

The estate’s namesake castle dates back to the late 10th century, when it was erected and christened the Querceto Manor. During the 1800’s the noble Bargagli family of Siena assembled properties surrounding the Querceto Manor, and the estate grew to include more than 30 farms rich in wheat, corn, olives, grapes and livestock. The Italian castle fell into disrepair and underwent a major renovation in the 18th century, resulting in the structure that is now Hotel Castello di Casole. Families and sharecroppers worked the estate until the 1960s, when it was purchased by the Earl Edoardo Visconti di Modrone Erba, who often hosted movie stars and luminaries of the jet set. Timbers Resorts acquired the Tuscan estate and began developing Castello di Casole in the year 2005 and has gently coaxed it into the modern era.



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