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Castello di Casole.


I am a very, very satisfied owner at Castello di Casole. Returning from Italy in May of 2007, and urged by friends, I visited the Castello website, and found it one of the very best and most compelling sites I have ever visited. But, after visiting the property, I was 100% convinced that the reality lives up to, and surpasses, the expectations raised by the website. The location is perfect, the facilities--even before the hotel is finished--are stellar, and the support staff is knowledgeable and always helpful. We have been there 3 times and will be back again in September. We cannot wait to get another taste of Chianti and Castello di Casole.

- Mike Quinn

We own at The Orchard at The Carneros Inn and we visited Castello di Casole, in Tuscany during October of 2011. The most memorable experience was making pizza in the outdoor forno with my family. We had a blast!

- KC Bennett

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